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With the spirit of Hakuna Matata, we invite you to join us on this exciting journey of meme-inspired cryptocurrency. Experience the exponential growth and potential of Pumbaa Inu as we ride the wave of the memecoin revolution.


Contract: 0x243743bDFEDa51651982A365756D9895d4b0CaBC
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Pumbaa's story

Explore Pumbaa Inu - the hottest memeCoin trend! Inspired by the beloved character from "The Lion King," Pumbaa Inu brings joy and laughter to the cryptocurrency community. With its fair and transparent approach, Pumbaa Inu provides a level playing field for all investors. Join our vibrant community, participate in meme-inspired activities, and let the spirit of Hakuna Matata guide your investment journey. Don't miss out on the fun - invest in Pumbaa Inu now!

Experience the Memecoin Phenomenon x1000 with Pumbaa Inu - Riding the Memecoin Wave to New Heights

Road map
Phase 1

Pumbaa Inu Creation
• Conceptualize and develop the Pumbaa Inu project
• Define the tokenomics and utility of the Pumbaa Inu token
Launch Website & Whitepaper
• Create and launch an informative and user-friendly website for Pumbaa Inu
Community Building
• Engage with the community and foster a strong and supportive network of Pumbaa Inu enthusiasts
Marketing Campaign
• Implement a comprehensive marketing strategy to increase awareness and attract investors
Presale on Pinksale
• Conduct a successful presale event on the Pinksale platform to provide early access to Pumbaa Inu tokens
Listing on PancakeSwap
• List the Pumbaa Inu token on the PancakeSwap decentralized exchange for trading
CMC and CGK Listing
• Get Pumbaa Inu listed on CoinMarketCap (CMC) and CoinGecko (CGK) for increased visibility
Achieve 1000 Holders
• Reach a significant milestone of 1000 holders of Pumbaa Inu tokens

Phase 2
Phase 3

10,000 Telegram Members
• Grow the Pumbaa Inu Telegram community to 10,000 members, fostering active discussions and engagement
Second Audit
• Conduct a thorough audit of the Pumbaa Inu smart contract to ensure security and trustworthiness
5,000 Holders Marketing Campaign
• Implement targeted marketing campaigns to attract and onboard 5,000 holders of Pumbaa Inu tokens
Listing on BitMart
• Secure a listing of Pumbaa Inu on the BitMart cryptocurrency exchange for increased accessibility and trading options
Achieve 7,000 Holders
• Expand the Pumbaa Inu community to 7,000 holders, demonstrating growth and increasing token distribution

Pumbaa Inu Burn Event
• Initiate a special burn event to reduce the total supply of Pumbaa Inu tokens, increasing scarcity and value
CEX Listings (Gate.io, MXC)
• Secure additional listings of Pumbaa Inu on reputable centralized exchanges like Gate.io and MXC
20,000 Telegram Members
• Continue to grow the Telegram community to 20,000 members, fostering a strong and supportive network
Achieve 10,000 Holders
• Reach a significant milestone of 10,000 holders, showcasing widespread adoption and interest
NFT Marketplace
• Launch an innovative NFT marketplace for Pumbaa Inu, allowing users to buy, sell, and trade unique digital assets
Pumbaa Inu Shareholders' Conference
• Organize the Pumbaa Inu Shareholders' Conference, providing an opportunity for community token holders to participate in decision-making and project development strategies.

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